Glamming it up on a budget

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Very soon we will be going away for a long weekend to visit family several states away and attend a big party. Of course I want to look my best while having a really good time but as always I also have my eye on the bottom line.

The first task was in finding a dress. I am a plus sized woman and increasingly in my area it is difficult to walk into a store to find something that I like and be able to try it on. Yes, I am a bit picky but its also that there just isn’t much selection when I get there so I started my search online. I checked out Roamans and Woman Within, both places I have ordered things from in the past and been happy with what I received but I don’t know, nothing was striking my fancy. I eventually landed on Amazon and I came across this! It was Prime shipping so I’d have it pretty quickly to try on to make sure it fit so I bought it! Only $35 and its perfect since this is a semi-formal event.

Next I thought I would go and get my nails done. I had all but settled on paying about $50 to have a nice set of gel nails done the week before I left and I thought I would keep them up and keep getting the fills and what not. The thing is for me that would be a pretty big budget item, budget in terms of money but also in terms of time. When would I fit these hours long appointments into my schedule any way? So I started looking at just getting a good nail polish and do it the day before the event so my nails would look nice. In the end I settled on purchasing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish and I have NOT been disappointed. No light needed for application even. When the nail polish arrived I had just painted my nails the day before with LA Color Craze Nail polish and I just popped on the top coat over that. Talk about last! I love this stuff. Here is what I picked for a color to go with my dress but I don’t know, I think I might want something much brighter!

What a steal though, color and top coat for a fifth of what it would cost me to professionally get my nails done! I can’t say enough good things about this polish, it really does seem so strong and last. I think though I need a smidge of practice in painting my nails and I also think I want a brighter color than this!
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel I purchased on Amazon and I LOVE IT!!

What do you think? A brighter color maybe?

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